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ATtiny85 Template Code Documentation

This repository provides a simple template that can be used to develop ATtiny85 based projects. As well as support for a serial bootloader (via the Microboot software and tools) and template Fritzing projects for a basic development board it provides source for a library of commonly used routines. These pages document that source.

Some notable features of the library are noted here. Please browse through the full documentation to see other features.

Software UART

Defined in softuart.h.

The library provides a software UART implementation that uses a single pin for both Tx and Rx (with the help of some additional circuitry). The software and hardware for this design originally came from this site.

The library provides a simple method of initialising and reading data from the implemented serial port through the uartInit(), uartSend() and uartRecv() functions. Additional helper functions have been provide to print integers (in both hexadecimal and decimal), strings (from RAM or program memory) and to provide printf() style formatted output.

IO Helper Functions

Defined in iohelp.h

These functions provide a simple method of configuring and using IO features of the processor including general digital IO, analog input, PWM output and a software implementation of the SPI protocol.

Utility Functions

Defined in utility.h

This is a collection of helper functions to perform various tasks that are not directly related to IO.